Vito Delle Foglie


Italian realism artist, Vito have started drawing and painting in his family’s house.
The passion for drawing and oil painting improved his natural skills, self-taught artist born in 1993 in Bari (Italy), he started tattooing at 18 years old.
After many years of apprentice Vito choose to move to London with the goal of sharing his realistic art in the U.K.
Vito loves to reproduce realistic portraits in black and grey and also in colours.
In love of the brushes effect of Caravaggio, in every work Vito tries to give the same vibrant impact on his tattoos.
After the London experience he moved back to his born city to open his own tattoo shop in Italy but Bari was not enough for his talented ambition.

Vito is waiting for you as he is ready to share his realism vision impressed on your skin!

April 14, 1993



Working Hours

Vito Delle Foglie works on the following days. Make an appointment online, or please contact us for other possibilities.


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm